Our Charges

Unless you have arranged a 'fixed price package' with the hospital we will charge you separately for your anaesthetic. Our fee will reflect the time and the complexity of your anaesthetic.

Please note that we charge separately for outpatient appointments, so there will be an additional fee if we are asked to see you before the date of your operation which may not be covered by your health insurance.

We encourage you to either contact our office or use the search button below for a quotation before your surgery. You will need to know exactly what operation your surgeon is planning; this is best described by a code of letters and numbers (OPCS code). Our charges will vary from the amount quoted if the surgery actually carried out is different from this planned operation.

Notes on fees:

If you undergo several operative procedures with different OPCS codes under the same anaesthetic you will pay a smaller fee than the cost of each procedure undertaken on a separate occasion. Please contact our office for details.

For some operations, most commonly surgery involving limbs, your anaesthetist may discuss performing a regional anaesthetic. Such techniques are highly skilled and are sometimes time-consuming, and we therefore add 25% to our fee.

Anaesthetists who are not part of SCA should take legal advice before looking at our fees to avoid contravening the 1998 Competition Act.

Private health insurance

Even if you hold private health insurance, our contract remains with you personally as our patient. You will be responsible for settling our account, and should ask your insurer to reimburse you. This is normal practice in private medical care.

There are many different health insurance policies available from different insurers. Each insurance company reaches a different decision about the amount of money they will reimburse one of their clients towards the cost of a particular medical treatment. Some companies also set other conditions about the hospital where their clients may be treated, or by which doctors. The companies reflect this in the different premiums they charge.

We believe we should charge all our patients the same rates, regardless of which company they are insured with. Our charges for different procedures are met by most insurers without question; however it is possible your insurer may not cover all of the cost, whether or not the company describes your policy as 'comprehensive'. In this case you will need to pay the remaining part of our charges yourself.

To find out in advance whether your insurer will pay our fee you should contact us for a quotation, as described above, and then discuss this with the company.